On the six block stretch of 16th Street between Mission and Market Streets there’s a font for every taste: wacky, retro, vintage, homemade, Hebrew and Arabic, clean and funky. They tell us all we need to know about the attitude of the enterprises.

These photos were taken with an iphone and hooked up with an app called What the Font, which pretends to read a picture and guess the font. The guesses seem pretty random, but I like the names.

Check these out:


Rhodaelian Ligatures


Farnham Display Bold


CC Sticky Fingers Italic




Geodec Fog


Euphonia Roman


Viscosity Regular


Churchward Samoa Bold


Lithia Off Kilter


Baby Mine Fat


Sailors Tattoo Pro Xmas


Mostra Nuova




Lady Starlight


Foldron Italic




Minimala-Medium Italic