A couple of times a week I walk from my house to my office at Second and Market Streets and of course there’s only one way to go: down Market Street.

You could write a little essay about the hidden erotic aspects of Market Street, but why be coy? There’s nothing hidden about it. It’s right out there.

That’s what Market Street is about. From the Castro to the spike of the Ferry Building filling the canyon between the highrises, with the neon of mid-Market and the hustle of the financial district in between, Market Street is sexy.

All it needs is barkers like the strip clubs on Broadway yelling “Check it out!”

Sometimes it’s the advertising signs, or the statues, or the names, or even elements of the architecture. Today it’s gaudy and commercial, but topless men and women were at one time heroes – stuck on or holding up buildings.

Whatever you’re into, come find it on Market Street.

And on Market Street there is the loyal opposition, too: