1.Head on.

This morning I was in a meeting in a conference room on the 30th floor of a high rise office building downtown, looking out at the Bank of America building, the tallest building in San Francisco. It looked different.

In fact, it looked pretty good, tall and slender and elegant. It was as if I’d never seen it. I realized it looked so good because I was seeing it, for the first time, head on.

But when do you get to see a building head on? You have to be up in the air yourself or way far away.

2.From above.

Why is this view so popular? I don’t get it. Hardly anybody ever sees buildings like this.

3.How we really see them.

4. On a table.

Everybody likes to look at building models. But they make a high rise look like a Brancusi sculpture.

Here are some other fans (identities listed at the end):

Donald Trump

Adolph Hitler

Charles de Gaulle

Le Corbusier

Johnny Depp