When you’re out on the city streets it pays to be attentive. But to what?  You couldn’t possibly get around while hearing every sound, smelling every smell, seeing everything.  You’ve got to be selective. There are a lot of distractions. Everybody and everything wants to be noticed.

 Shopkeepers put a lot of effort into displaying their merchandise in a way that says, ‘Hey! – Buy me!”.

  Like these:

 (photos by James T. and Karla L. Murray, from their book Storefront)

But if you’re not distracted you can see a whole parallel world. A two dimensional world between you and the 3D one.

I never paid much attention to this world before checking out the work of the painter Richard Estes.


  • photographs street scenes
  • then uses the photos as the basis for huge paintings. 
  • These paintings of photographs get photographed again
  • and printed in books.

And now I’ve scanned some and they’ve scrambled into bytes and landed as pixels for you to see on a computer screen.

Look for them on the street.