Cities change.

Sometimes it’s incremental and happens in just a few years:

This was the Transbay Terminal, at First and Mission Streets,  up to last year, San Francisco’s hub of trains and buses at one time:

Soon, it will look like this.

And coming across Mission Street:

61 stories

This empty lot in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood

Became this:

(I was the developer of this project, a combination grocery store, public library and housing.)

In 2016, this:

will become this:

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art expansion

The changes can take centuries.

This bucolic scene:

1802 – 1814

became this:

and wound up like this:

Rockefeller Center

In 1816,this was the scene at 16th and Dolores in the Mission, about 5 blocks from my apartment:

These changes are no big deal.

This year, on the site of the Transbay Terminal, a backhoe unearthed an 11,000-year-old tooth of a Woolly Mammoth. Today, tech workers and secretaries graze here on their lunch hours, but then it was this guy:

We marvel at the changing city – the restaurants opening and closing, the skyline changing. 11,000 years from now what eyes will gaze at First and Mission, and what will they see?